Art Ranger Oil Color

Art Ranger Oil Color

Art Ranger Oil Color


  • Excellent light speed & color power
  • strong covering power
  • Suitable for ampusto and thin coating.
  • Nothing fades or changes when exposed.
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Art Ranger Oil Color

The Art Rangers Oil Colors set selects a versatile color range that is often used by artists and enthusiasts.

Art Ranger means the right quality at the right price. Acrylic paints, which can be diluted with water or special acrylic paints, are suitable not only for painting on canvas, paint board, paper or cardboard, but also on paint boards, wood and chip boards.

Colors can be applied with thin glazing or painted in thick layers in harsh opaque colors. With our colors you can use painting techniques such as wet to wet, acrylic casting, fluid painting, fluid art, acrylic flow technique and pasto.

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Product Name Art Ranger Oil Color
Manufacturer Art Ranger