Paras Art Fever, is a one-stop shop for all artistic needs, providing a culture of exquisite diversity of top-notch art supplies & stationery products available under one roof. It houses materials of fine-arts, architectural resources, mount-binding, decorative craft-items of promising attributes that tend to channel your inner creative flow.We assist in making portfolio projects, art-related services, printing on various sizes, and even books on creative expression. Over the decade, Paras has successfully introduced/marketed various international art products brands, and is driven to bring you the most valuable collection of art supplies - giving your imaginative ideas the perfect execution and assisting you in selecting ideas that will provide you with better and easier alternatives, for you to implement and accomplish your artistic goals.

Our journey began in 1998, when we kick-started a small shop in Karachi. We provided services to students, artists and architects and were renowned to be one of the leading pioneers of art supplies located in Karachi, Pakistan.Initially, we provided services like photocopy and some stationery products. But with time, and understanding the needs of our customers, we expanded to become a prominent art store, and are determined to improve our catalog and services each day. And now we’re happy to serve you at your door steps !